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Getting ready to move
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 10 May 2013

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At Legend Furniture Removals, we are not only legends at moving homes and offices, but we are also legends at safely packing household goods and office equipment.

Packing Tips

Estimating the amount of boxes you will need is often one of the most tricky parts of planning your move. Remember, we supply boxes and packing materials in addition to our packing services. Call us to help you with an estimate to see approximately how many boxes you will need based on the size of your home.

Here are some of our best tips on packing your boxes properly:

1 Buy packing materials once you have decluttered the house. Keep a packing list of all the boxes and place a list of all the items on each box with random items, particularly from the lounge or bedrooms.

2 All glass items to be wrapped in newsprint or tissue paper. Don't pack items tigthly and place packing peanuts or dry, clean kitchen towels in the spaces between the box and items to prevent breakages.

3 Glass plates to be packed straight up, as this lessens the chance of breakages. Put cardboard squares in between the plates so that they don't clang together and break.

4 Fragile items should be packed on their side but never put them at the top or bottom of a box. Remember to mark boxes with fragile items clearly.

5 Check that your boxes are properly sealed underneath before you fill them with items and never overpack them. Each box should be clearly marked by room. Pack boxes tightly and add cushioning between items if necessary.

6 Discard any flammables (lighter fluid, aerosols, paint stripper, etc.) and open liquid bottles such as cosmetics or condiments.

7 By law, neither firearms nor illegal substances may be transported.

Final Tasks Before Your Move

In addition to your standard move-related tasks, there are some things that require a  bit of planning and assistance from other parties. Plan for these items to be taken care of ahead of time.

1 Notify relevant utility and subscription companies of your departure. You will need to provide them with your new contact details and this may be a  lengthy process, so do it as soon as your move is confirmed.

2 Any items that can be dismantled should be taken apart as long in advance as possible to save time on move day.

3 Defrost fridges and unplug your washing machine and dishwasher and allow for the water to drain out of these appliances. Leave fridges and freezers open for a day or two to allow them to freshen out. You can pour a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda into the fridges to get rid of odours safely. Ensure all electrical wires are disconnected from the outlets.

4 Take the satellite dish down. If you can't do it yourself, you need to allow enough time to ask someone to do it for you.

5 Lock all doors and drawers on wardrobes, cupboards and appliances as these items could be tilted when they are carried by hand.

6 Make sure all cabinets are empty before departing and ensure all taps are closed tightly. Flush the toilets and close all the windows and lock the doors. Take a walk outside the house to ensure that everything will be fine until the new occupants arrive.

We hope these tips will help your transition to be as easy as possible. Remember, Legend Removals is at your service. Call us today to help you with your home or office furniture removals and your packing.


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