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Preparing for your upcoming office move
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 10 May 2013

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Thorough preparation is key to a successful office move. Everything should be planned out properly in advance, as it can save you time and money. Less time spent on moving will result in a cost-effective move. By carefully evaluating your upcoming move, you will save effort and time. Part of your planning involves you knowing:

  • the dates and times of the move
  • where items will go in the new office
  • building access and parking issues (loading docks, freight elevators, stairs)
  • and other essential requirements.

Knowing your new office will help you to plan thoroughly. Take measurements of all the rooms so that you can make sure the old furniture and equipment will fit into the new office space.

The more detailed your preparation, the easier the job will be for everyone involved in the move. You can create a floor plan of the new office to help with planning where every staff member and each piece of furniture or office equipment will be. When you arrive along with the truck at the new office, you can stick a copy of the floorplan somewhere so that the movers will know where you want everything placed.

Legend Furniture Removals will assist you with preparations for a successful office removal. With us you can rely on expertly trained professionals handling your expensive and important office equipment and furniture. We know how to move items without causing damage to walls, floors and doors.

There's so much to think about during an office move;  you have to secure new offices, prepare the space (painting and cleaning) and then of course the actual move. We want to ensure that your office duties are disrupted as little as possible.

Office records are often the most important concern people have when they move office. These records are sometimes physical and sometimes digital. Most of the time office records include a combination of physical files stored in cabinets and files stored in computer systems. Consider how and where these records will be stored in the new office and how they will be physically relocated. You will need to know how much space you require and how it will be secured and monitored.

Be sure to do backups of digital files before the electronic devices are disconnected and ensure that you have suitable boxes for expensive equipment.

A records cleanout might be a good way to save space during the move. Retention schedules will help you assess which records should be kept and which can be transferred to archives. If some files can be destroyed and some moved to archives, you will probably save on the volume of the move.

Label boxes in which your records are stored clearly with colour coded labels so that they can be found easily when you arrive at the new office space.

3 Quick Tips for a Smooth Office Move:

  • Set up a Moving Team:  Assign a team of employees to each take on some tasks related to the move. By creating a list of tasks required for the move, everyone will know what is expected of them.

  • Make Announcements:  Your customers, suppliers and employees need to be notified of the impending move as long in advance as possible. They need to know where they can get hold of you during and after the move.

  • Arrange for Special Technical Assistance:  Let the phone company, IT consultants and any other companies that handle your equipment know about your impending move as soon as you have dates and times. By giving them time to arrange for phone lines to be moved and computer networks to be set up, your office activities will not be interrupted for too long.
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