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Furniture Removal Costs: How to avoid extras
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 10 June 2013

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Being savvy about moving costs is key to avoiding any extra fees being added to your original estimate. There are certain issues that will almost always add to the costs, no matter which moving company you use.

It's good to remember that the company you hire requires resources to stay in business and their resources include time, employees and trucks. They want to move you as fast and efficiently as possible with no damage to your goods. When you remember that, you are already on track for the best moving experience.

Here are some tips to avoid extra charges on your moving bill:

Location: While most movers don't charge extra for delays because they can't find your place, you will might be charged extra if you gave a wrong address, or inaccurate navigation information.

Distance: If you change the distance of your move, it is likely to affect the charges, particularly on long-distance relocations.

Logistics: In order to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, the furniture removals company needs access to parking close to the pick-up and drop-off addresses. If the truck has to park far from the homes, there will be long carry charges. The same applies if the elevator in your building is broken and furniture has to be lugged down three flights of stairs.

Extras: If the estimate is based on distance and inventory, any items in addition to what's on the original inventory list, will be added to your bill.

While you sometimes can't do much about the above issues, there are more actions you can take to reduce moving costs:

Check your baggage:  Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items before hand. It will reduce costs and save time.

Be a seasoned mover:  If it's in your control at all, move during off-season. Avoid moving in December or January and at the end of any month.

Be ready: Ensure that you're ready to have your items packed on the truck when it arrives. Most companies will charge extra if they have to help with packing.

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