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How to Move Large, Heavy Pieces of Furniture
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 03 July 2013

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Moving heavy and awkward items is usually the hardest part of a move. These tips should make the actual process easier, while helping to avoid back pain the day after move day.

Tip # 1:  Slide it

Don't try to lift up large pieces of furniture. Most people don't lift heavy items the right way and this can cause damage to your musculoskeletal system, or injuries. Correct lifting involves keeping your back straight and using your legs instead of your shoulders and arms to lift.

Tip # 2: Empty it out

This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. When you pack, remember to empty out all the drawers or shelves. These items will add to the weight of the furniture. Apart from making it lighter, this will also help prevent items from clattering around in the cupboard and breaking.

Tip # 3:  Protect the floors

Slip towels or cardboard underneath the base or legs of the furniture item. You can do this by tilting the the item back or forward. Towels work best on tiled floors, while smooth cardboard is best on carpets.

Tip # 4:  To push or to pull?

That's the question. While people naturally tend to push, it's sometimes easier to pull. With an arm on either side and your feet apart, it's easy to use your arms as a brace to pull the item closer using your lower body to pull it towards you.

The way in which you wrap these large items is important too, as it can protect wood or other finishes. If there are glass or mirror panels, it's important to wrap that in packing blankets and tape it in place. Any doors or drawers should be locked (if possible) and secured with strap or cord to prevent them from opening up during the move.

A professional furniture removal company employs experienced crew who know the quickest and safest ways to move large appliances and awkward furniture items.

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