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Beware of Cheap Furniture Removals Companies in South Africa

Furniture removals is big business in South Africa. With unemployment at an all-time low, many fly-by-night furniture removals companies are popping up everywhere. Finding the best furniture removals company and not only the cheapest has become imperative, as your decision can have dire consequences.

In a cutthroat industry such as furniture removals, the customer's needs are often not considered at all. Many of the unreliable furniture removals companies undercut the rates of  their competitors in order to get business. Offering better rates than competitors is an age-old tradition, but when companies are fighting for survival, they usually have to cut back on costs to maximize profits.

A trained, permanent work-force is one of the first essentials to go. Instead, companies tend to hire casual workers off the streets, which poses a risk to the client. Casual staff often take chances and are more prone to theft. Additionally, casual workers are usually untrained and inexperienced and there is the risk of theft.

As a client, you can’t afford to choose the wrong furniture removals company. Your hard-earned belongings are at stake.Simple as it sounds, a move requires some expertise and movers need to know how:

  • to be punctual and professional
  • to move large items of furniture without damaging floors and walls
  • to disassemble and reassemble large items that can't fit through doors
  • to disconnect and reconnect large appliances
  • to upload and offload the truck to prevent damage
  • to protect items on the truck using padding and covers

Fly-by-night furniture removals that offer the cheapest moves also have to cut back on the 3 most important resources:

  1. Their vehicles may not be road-worthy or suitable to your move, causing movers to load too much stuff on too small a truck. This poses a risk of dropped loads and your items breaking and even accidents.

  2. Unsuitable equipment or insufficient tools can add a lot of frustration and damage to your move.

  3. Choose the right furniture removals company from the start and be sure of a professional move with the right equipment and experienced staff. Call Legend Furniture Removals today for a fast, free quote.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or Request a Free Furniture Removal Quote for your upcoming move.

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